Sarah. Sarahhh. SARAAAAAH 

so it's your birthday today and as a good friend i was supposed to
make a nice bday gifset but i failed. BUT these guys ^^^ left this
pic for you saying that you're the best welsh girl ever and they love
you as much as i do (it's not possible but i was polite, you know, and
didn't tell them this fact). okay. Sarah, i'm so glad that we met, that i have you in my life.
i'm not sure if you know this but you helped me so much when i was
feeling miserable,so yeah, that's why you're my sunshine ^_^
you're such a great person, i can't even describe how great you are.
you're kind, you're a wonderful friend, i just adore your sense of
humor, you're a so interesting person in general. i hope that you'll
always be this person and nothing in this cruel world will change you.

i wish i could tell you everything that i think about you, but i don't
think that my english skills can allow it :D so, i just wanna wish you
all the happiness of the world cause you deserve it like no one else.
everything will be great in your life, and i'll always be there for
you if it's not. i always tell you this, but still, i love you so much,
baby. thank you for being my friend

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